GMAT Problem of the Week. Issue#18

Mary, executive MBA applicant, wanted to do her best to get 700 on GMAT. There were a lot of difficulties on her way with the verbal section. For one thing, SC was hard as her grammar wasn’t on the best level. As well, she was a slow readerzorb ball for sale canada. But every evening, after work, she did 15 sc slots online questions, 1 rc passage, and casino online computer data recovery services Time How long will the Diagnostic take? Our diagnostic for each customer takes between 24 to 48 Business hours. 7 cr questions. On weekends she did twice the number. Eventually Mary got her 84th percentile in Verbal.

Which of the following must be true based on the argument above?

A) Mary can do tasks from more than one section every day.

B) Mary does not have difficulties with the Quantitative section.

C) Mary got 700 on GMAT.

D)Mary did more sc questions than those from other sections every evening.

E) Mary got her 84th percentile in Verbal because she improved her grammar.


5 thoughts on “GMAT Problem of the Week. Issue#18

  1. I think it’s B, because:
    1) A is out because only Verbal section is discussed
    2) B is the correct one because now she does’t have difficulties, but she used to have them before
    3) C is out because we don’t know how she scored on Math
    4) D is out because we don’t know how many questions she did on RC (we can assume, however, that it’s the standard # of questions on the GMAT for 1 passage and this answer could be correct)
    5) E is out because she could improved her score because of reading

  2. Here is my logic:
    1) A – is incorrect, because we have no info about other section except Verbal;
    2) B – is incorrect, because we do not know anything about Quantitative Section.
    3) C – incorrect, because we do not know 84th percentile in Verbal is enough to reach 700+ or not
    4) D – correct, we know that daily norm of sc questions is 15 questions – more than any other section (plus the twice then this norm in weekend and gap between sc and other questions become broader);
    5) E – incorrect, because the 84th percentile could not tell us any info except digit. She could improve even weak reading skills and get this result.

  3. OA is D
    Thank you all very much for your answers!
    B – we know nothing about Mary’s GMAT score, therefore we do not know her math abilities. this answer is out of scope.
    D – Evgeny and Ivan are correct :) in their explanations

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