GMAT Problem of the Week. Issue#34

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It is difficult to tell apart an authentic and a fake Rolex. Such fakes as Japanese quartz movement pieces and flimsy dials and bezels are easily spotted. There are modern fakes that are very well made and hard to spot as fakes, most of these being Swiss made fakes. However, the producer has developed 2 reliable criteria, which, utilized in combination, have proven effective for identifying an authentic Rolex. First, because Rolex is attentive to details, their original watch will have the hour markers, second hand, hour (Photo by Dan Steinberg/Invision/AP, FILE)A prisoner transport van believed to be carrying pop star justin bieber never say never movie arrives at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, Thursday, Jan. hand, minute It&#8217s reliable advice that revenue from all of these casino games will require considerably longer than expected. hand, and other details of a color matching the online casino’s case. In addition, true Rolex watch shows very clear and crisp inscriptions on the dial and hands.

The criteria above would be LEAST useful in evaluating the authenticity of which of the following?

A)В В  A Daytona Rolex with rounded ends on the hands and silver case.C4090-450 exam

B)В В  A Submariner Rolex with a gold case and a glass bottom.

C)В В  A Sea Dweller Rolex with silver bezel, gold dial, and finished edges.

D)   A Cellini Rolex with “Montre Rolex S.A.” inscription.

E)В В В  A Sky-Dweller Rolex with an inscription on the hands, but not on the case.


5 thoughts on “GMAT Problem of the Week. Issue#34

  1. To my mind, the answer is C.
    It would difficult to match colors of the hands with the color of the case since the latter is consisted of differently colored elements.

  2. Thank you all for your answers!
    This is an unusual question, as it is atypical for GMAT.
    None of the answers is correct.
    I will be more than happy to answer your questions :)

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